Afrotopia NYE 2018 | Sunday December 31

AFROTOPIA NYE 2018: Africa Reborn


AFROTOPIA NYE is a unique New Year’s Eve celebration tailored for those who want a deeper vibe than the normal club experience offers. There will be none of the usual radio tunes, no VIP sections or bottle service. What will be offered is a selection of eclectic tunes curated by DJ KEMIT (Spread Love, Honeycomb Music) & SALAH ANANSE (Afrique Electrique), handcrafted cocktails, fresh tapas & an aesthetically pleasing dance space provided by Studio No. 7 | Bar + Lounge. AFROTOPIA NYE is about celebrating the art, culture & style of the African diaspora.

A portion of the proceeds from AfrotopiaNYE will also go to support the Detroit based non-profit AFROTOPIA which uses Afrofuturism as inspiration for transformative education for youth. Learn more further down & at:

Sounds curated by:

DJ Kemit (Spread Love, Honeycomb Music)

Salah Ananse (Afrique Electrique, Atlanta Weekender, T’s Box)

A Menu of: House, Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae, Afrobeat, AfroPop & AfroLatin & More!

Our Host Committee for 2018:


Also Featuring:

Our Afrotopia NYE Ankara themed photo booth!


PREMIUM TICKETS (Include Open Bar): *

$65 In Advance & Before 10PM

$75 after 10PM

GENERAL ADMISSION (Must Purchase Drink Tickets for Drinks)

$25 In Advance & Before 10PM

$35 after 10PM

Online sales will continue until 5PM on NYE.

*The drinks from open bar tickets are still being monitored by the staff. So if you expect to provide drinks for your general admission friends with your open bar ticket, think again. You’re allowed ONE DRINK AT A TIME. If you are caught providing drinks to folks without an open bar pass, your pass will be taken.


More about the not-for profit AFROTOPIA:

AFROTOPIA is simultaneously an idea, a place, and a project.

The idea revolves around creating imaginative and effective solutions to address social challenges. The root of the idea is planted in Afrofuturism, a contemporary arts movement encompassing sound, literature, the culinary arts, and science. By fusing elements of science fiction, magical realism, ancient history, and non-western cosmologies, Afrofuturism serves as an invitation to actively create tomorrow and consciously control destiny. AFROTOPIA, the idea, deconstructs the elements of Afrofuturism and from those pieces builds and explores new and radical notions of what utopia is and can be.

AFROTOPIA, the place, is constantly being created, altered, and augmented. At its core, AFROTOPIA is the physical manifestation of Afrofuturistic philosophy. Time, space, and being flow together and mix in AFROTOPIA blurring the lines between the familiar and the exotic. Visitors to AFROTOPIA should enter with an open mind.

AFROTOPIA, the project includes workshops for youth, film screenings and exhibitions.

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