Creative Loafing Atlanta Feature

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Creative Loafing recently did a spotlight on me in their Music Features section.  Here is a little preview of what they had to say:

DJ Kemit‘s time line reads like a primer for the evolution of Atlanta club music. The career trajectory of the storied producer and turntablist weaves together the disparate web of Atlanta’s rap, house, and soul scenes. Kemit, known by most as Kevin Hyman, has guided Atlanta’s DJ trends from the shadows, first as a member of Arrested Development, now as a resident DJ at the Sound Table. “When I first came to Atlanta, the DJ circuit was one of individualism, displayed in the DJ’s craftsmanship and technique in mixing and scratching, which I do not see much of any more,” Kemit says. “My generation (1980s-2000) began with and still to this day depends upon two Technic turntables, a DJ mixer, and vinyl records.”

Check out the full article here!

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